Cirrus Vodka is distilled entirely "in house" from the highest quality potatoes.


We triple distill using a copper pot distillation process to create a pure, clean neutral spirit. This neutral spirit is then reduced to 80 proof, using only high quality natural water, prior to bottling.


Why triple distilled?

Most people think that the more times a vodka is distilled, the better.


Not so. While many vodkas are distilled 4, 5 or more times, these products end up with a very "alcohol-like" character - if they have any character at all.

First and foremost, we distill our spirit to achieve a special nuance - something that you'll only find in Cirrus vodka.


We triple distill because we want to avoid "over-distilling" our vodka. We found that triple distillation is the optimum way to produce our ultra-premium high quality vodka.


Cirrus Vodka is distilled to perfection - and this perfection comes through no matter how you choose to enjoy it - whether you drink it neat, in a martini, or in a mixed drink.

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produced and bottled by the Parched Group, LLC
in Richmond, VA, USA.