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We make Cirrus. We love it. Of course we're going to tell you it's great. But you don't have to take our word for it...

Hooters Magazine

November 2007

This isn't some tasteless mass produced vodka. This is for the best martini you'll ever make. The martini you want to toast with on your special day.

Sante - For restaurant professionals

May 2007

Subtle floral aromas with hints of lemon and clementine oil on the palate and clean through the finish.

Peterson's Beverage Journal review, Anthony Dias Blue

Cirrus Vodka..90+....A vanilla nose, creamy to taste, slightly sweet with a rich thick texture, very smooth......


May 23, 2007

The martini was easily one of the best I've ever had for two reasons: a) I made it and b) the vanilla mixes really well with the dry vermouth and gives it a flavor profile that most vodka martini's just don't have. This is not a colorless, tasteless drink that a lot of other vodka's go for, this is an enjoyment unto itself and should almost have a different name than "martini" because it doesn't taste like one at all.

Ace Beverage

From Richmond, Virginia comes America's best new potato vodka. Made from genuine Virginia russet potatoes.

Liquor Snob

April 26 , 2007

Cirrus has a slight taste of vanilla and overall sweetness, combined with a nice full mouth feel. This isn't too surprising from a potato vodka, but these guys have it done right. We liked it most on the rocks or shaken with ice and drunk straight - it let the full flavor of the vodka have its rein. We tried it in some mixed drinks and we liked it, but we recommend you stay simple when you mix it so you can accentuate its inherent sweetness without stomping on its flavor with a bunch of ingredients.

Pearson's Wine & Spirits Newsletter

April 23 , 2007

The vodka is creamy . . . extremely smooth . . . and has proven itself internationally scoring a "highly recommended" in Chicago and a Gold Medal at the 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


One last thing . . . compared to the competition, CIRRUS is seriously under priced.

The Liquid Muse

March 21, 2007

Impeccably smooth, with a pleasant lingering creaminess.

Bill Dowd's Spirit Notebook

November 18 , 2006

Cirrus is flat-out good stuff.

Cirrus, syrupy cold from the freezer, exhibits a certain creaminess along with a hint of vanilla and a vague sweetness . . . this is a drink that will hold its own.

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